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TransWorkShop product helps in Adequate Vehicle Maintenance ensuring maximum vehicle performance as well as usage and better revenue collection. TransWorkShop helps in maintaining Vehicle Log Sheet in the vehicle itself with other cards for important assemblies and records ongoing maintenance activities to track the need or schedule for Preventive Maintenance.

TransWorkShop facilitates for recording Daily, Weekly and Monthly Maintenance Standards, Performance Assessment for New and Reconditioned aggregates like Engine, Fuel Injection Pump, Gear Box, Battery, Rear Axle and Tyre, and also maintains important reports for Premature Failure of Parts, Accident Vehicle Damage and Repairing Requirement Report.

Key Modules
RadiantTransWorkShop AA - TransWorkShop Application Administration Module.
RadiantTransWorkShop MM - TransWorkShop Material Master Module.
RadiantTransWorkShop BM - TransWorkShop Bill of Materials Module.
RadiantTransWorkShop Rep - TransWorkShop Material Consumption Module.
RadiantTransWorkShop MC - TransWorkShop Reports Module.
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