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TransCrewManage product is used at Depot Level for all Road Transport Corporations. TransCrewManage assists the designated officer / Depot Manager to manage a large number of operating services and Field Staffs on time due to Leave Applications, Unavailability of Drivers and Conductors for unknown reasons, variety of Services i.e. With Conductor, Without Conductor i.e. Non-stop, Demand for Casual Contract Services, Extra Trips for Festivals, Accident Vehicles, Unwillingness of Staff for Overtime, Variation in Duty Timings.

TransCrewManage takes care of all factors as Duty Hours, Availability, Overtime Calculation and provides numerous reports as Schedule Adherence Report, Efficiency Report and Report for Free Manpower.

Key Modules
RadiantTransCrewManage EM - TransCrewManage Employee Master Module.
RadiantTransCrewManage LM - TransCrewManage Leave Module.
RadiantTransCrewManage CA - TransCrewManage Crew Allocation Module.
RadiantTransCrewManage Rep - TransCrewManage Reports Module.
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