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RoadWARRIORZ, an Incident Management product which bridges the gap of communication between the field units and the control center with a combination of wireless technology and pocket PCs. The use of advance technologies enables various emergency services to quickly communicate and help dispatch the appropriate personnel to aid the victims during an incident. Information about the incident is captured onto the pocket PCs and transmitted through wireless to the legacy systems in the remote locations for appropriate measures to be implemented

Key Modules
RadiantRoadWARRIORZ CAD - RoadWARRIORZ Computer aided Dispatch Module.
RadiantRoadWARRIORZ RTM - RoadWARRIORZ Regional Traffic Management Center Module.
RadiantRoadWARRIORZ PDA - RoadWARRIORZ Personal Digital Assistant Module.
RadiantRoadWARRIORZ IMR - RoadWARRIORZ Incident Management and Reporting Module.
RadiantRoadWARRIORZ DMM - RoadWARRIORZ Dynamic Messaging Module.
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