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ORS is a web based Online Reservation System which enables clients to automate activities like Ticket booking, Rescheduling, Fare generation, Seat/Layout Management, Manpower management, Vehicle maintenance & management, Administrative activities Management and Business Intelligence Reporting.

The system architecture provides easy scalability and handles concurrent users effectively. The product is designed to address electronic delivery of services by adopting a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and can easily integrate with various real-time financial and management systems.

Key Modules
RadiantORS IBS - ORS Internet Booking Module.
RadiantORS ACT - ORS Advance & Current Ticketing Module.
RadiantORS MIS - ORS MIS and Dashboard Reporting Module.
RadiantORS SAM - ORS Administration Module.
RadiantORS AFS - ORS Agent & Franchisee Management Module.
RadiantORS HBM - ORS Hotel & Package Tours Booking Module.
RadiantORS CRGM - ORS Cargo Booking Module.
Radiant Info Systems
Radiant Info Systems
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