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The TransDAMS workflow management system is a product that is used to document and track all assessment activities before and after a disaster. The TransDAMS is specifically designed in keeping a Traffic Engineering Agency challenges during a disaster. The product helps the Damage Assessment Team (DAT) to create assessments on site and then escalate it to the right section of people.

  • TransDAMS eliminates the paper trails and replaces manual processes with an automated work flow
  • TransDAMS has a portable module which runs on laptop and will be able to operate without any support from Central System
  • All data is stored in a central repository for all necessary FEMA reporting at an agency or division level
Key Modules
RadiantTransDAMS PWO - TransDAMS Portable Download/Upload of Work Orders Module.
RadiantTransDAMS DA - TransDAMS Damage Assessment Module.
RadiantTransDAMS WOCE - TransDAMS Work Order Creation and Execution Module.
RadiantTransDAMS SD - TransDAMS Scale Drawings Module.
RadiantTransDAMS SF - TransDAMS School Flasher Module.
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