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SmartCitizen is a product that enables intelligent services for citizens. "SmartCitizen"-provides a Smart Card solution that allows issuing, using and managing smart cards for identity verification and a variety of other applications such as access to e-government services, entitlements and benefits, payment and transportation. "SmartCitizen" Cards are typically issued by agencies (national, state or local) and provide one or several of the following services to citizens:

  • National or state ID, Driver's license, e-passport, Border crossing
  • Legally binding authentication and digital signature for: e-taxes, e-voting and other online government services
  • Access to Bus, Tramway, Train, and other local travel
  • Healthcare and Social Security
  • e-purse, debit/credit, payment of benefits
Key Modules
RadiantSmartCitizen IV - SmartCitizen Identity Verification Module.
RadiantSmartCitizen eGT - SmartCitizen E-Government Travel Module.
RadiantSmartCitizen EB - SmartCitizen Entitlements and Benefits Module.
RadiantSmartCitizen PM - SmartCitizen Payment Module.
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