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iVillage is a product suite bridges the gap between urban and rural population. iVillage is a "one-stop" electronic commerce and information portal that connects the governments, businesses and citizens all on the common platform. iVillage connects with various government departments (State, Central and Municipal), and provides online information at the point of service delivery through multiple delivery channels such as electronic kiosks, mobile phones and Internet. This product caters to a wide spectrum of services in G2C, G2B, B2C, B2B & C2C segments. iVillage allows the Consumers to directly transact business with the governments and other private institutions including the payment of bills, taxes, applying for licenses, accessing banking and financial data.

Key Modules
RadiantiVillage UBP - iVillage Utility Bill Payment Module.
RadiantiVillage IPP - iVillage Insurance Premium payment Module.
RadiantiVillage SBK - iVillage SHG Book keeping Module.
RadiantiVillage Micro - iVillage Micro finance Module.
RadiantiVillage RM - iVillage Results Module.
RadiantiVillage AM - iVillage Astrology Module.
Radiantivillage MR - iVillage Mobile recharges Module.
RadiantiVillage IM - iVillage Information Module.
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