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eSecure helps organizations to optimize investments on monitoring employee activities across the organization such as attendance monitoring, e-purse, access limitations to secured areas, usage of canteen facilities. eSecure helps clients to personalize employee's smart card for multiple applications with facilities such as Anti-pass back, Black / Good List check, Group List check, Expiry date, Door mapping, Void black list card, Password check, Time zone and Time Group.

Key Modules
RadianteSecure PM - eSecure Personalization Module.
RadianteSecure NM - eSecure Network Monitoring Module.
RadianteSecure CM - eSecure Communication Module.
RadianteSecure CMM - eSecure Canteen Management Module.
RadianteSecure ePurse - eSecure ePurse Module.
RadianteSecure AI - eSecure Attendance Information Module.
RadianteSecure DM - eSecure Door Mapping Module.
Radiant Info Systems
Radiant Info Systems
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