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RadCourt is a product which handles workflow management for legal streams and will integrate data across various departments of the courthouse. This product is made up of a robust set of modular components designed to efficiently file, monitor activity, analyze and track the outcomes of court cases and recommendations; including, but not limited to Mediation appointments, Custody reviews, Investigation assignment scheduling, Conforms to all state judicial guidelines and procedures. The product is backed by enterprising reporting tool to generate various MIS reports along with creating adhoc reports. CMS eliminates manual process filing of paper forms. This product supports operational requirements for helpdesk / call center infrastructure and functioning.

Key Modules
RadiantRadCourt IM - RadCourt Injunction Module.
RadiantRadCourt Inv - RadCourt Investigation Module.
RadiantRadCourt Med - RadCourt Mediation Module.
RadiantRadCourt Psy - RadCourt Psychology Module.
RadiantRadCourt CM - RadCourt Custody Module.
RadiantRadCourt CCM - RadCourt Circuit Civil Mediation.
RadiantRadCourt CDM - RadCourt Citizen Dispute Mediation.
RadiantRadCourt SCCM - RadCourt Small Claims and County Mediation.
RadiantRadCourt JDM - RadCourt Juvenile Dependency Mediation.
RadiantRadCourt MP - RadCourt Mediator Payroll.
RadiantRadCourt Rep  - RadCourt Reports.
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