Depot Management

DepoATMZ, the Depot Automation tool is an enterprise product designed to automate, depot activities such as workshop management, fuel management, manpower management, Inventory/store control management, vehicle tracking and Fleet Management.

Key Modules

  • RadiantDepoATMZ WM - DepoATMZ Workshop Management Module.
  • RadiantDepoATMZ FM - DepoATMZ Fuel Management Module.
  • RadiantDepoATMZ MM - DepoATMZ Manpower Management Module.
  • RadiantDepoATMZ ISM - DepoATMZ Inventory/Store Control/Material Management Module.
  • RadiantDepoATMZ VFM - DepoATMZ Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Module.
  • RadiantDepoATMZ TMS - DepoATMZ Traffic Management Module.
  • RadiantDepoATMZ FMS - DepoATMZ Finance Management Module.
  • RadiantDepoATMZ AMM - DepoATMZ Administration Management Module.

TransCrewManage product is used at Depot Level for all Road Transport Corporations. TransCrewManage assists the designated officer / Depot Manager to manage a large number of operating services and Field Staffs on time due to Leave Applications, Unavailability of Drivers and Conductors for unknown reasons, variety of Services i.e. With Conductor, Without Conductor i.e. Non-stop, Demand for Casual Contract Services, Extra Trips for Festivals, Accident Vehicles, Unwillingness of Staff for Overtime, Variation in Duty Timings.

TransCrewManage takes care of all factors as Duty Hours, Availability, Overtime Calculation and provides numerous reports as Schedule Adherence Report, Efficiency Report and Report for Free Manpower.

Key Modules

  • RadiantTransCrewManage EM - TransCrewManage Employee Master Module.
  • RadiantTransCrewManage LM - TransCrewManage Leave Module.
  • RadiantTransCrewManage CA - TransCrewManage Crew Allocation Module.
  • RadiantTransCrewManage Rep - TransCrewManage Reports Module.

TransWorkShop product helps in Adequate Vehicle Maintenance ensuring maximum vehicle performance as well as usage and better revenue collection. TransWorkShop helps in maintaining Vehicle Log Sheet in the vehicle itself with other cards for important assemblies and records ongoing maintenance activities to track the need or schedule for Preventive Maintenance.

TransWorkShop facilitates for recording Daily, Weekly and Monthly Maintenance Standards, Performance Assessment for New and Reconditioned aggregates like Engine, Fuel Injection Pump, Gear Box, Battery, Rear Axle and Tyre, and also maintains important reports for Premature Failure of Parts, Accident Vehicle Damage and Repairing Requirement Report.

Key Modules

  • RadiantTransWorkShop AA - TransWorkShop Application Administration Module.
  • RadiantTransWorkShop MM - TransWorkShop Material Master Module.
  • RadiantTransWorkShop BM - TransWorkShop Bill of Materials Module.
  • RadiantTransWorkShop Rep - TransWorkShop Material Consumption Module.
  • RadiantTransWorkShop MC - TransWorkShop Reports Module.

Punctuality Monitoring System (PMS) is a location specific track and trace product designed to provide the tracking and tracing information of the fleet in a real-time mode using RFID technology. PMS gives crews, operators and authorities a wide range of benefits in the areas of scheduling, Vehicle/Fleet Management to enable better monitoring and control.

Key Modules

  • RadiantPMS ADM - PMS Administration Module.
  • RadiantPMS Trans - This module helps users to manually enter the attendance details of crew.
  • RadiantPMS Rep - PMS Reports Module.
  • RadiantPMS FEM - PMS Fleet Enrollment Module.

eWare is a tool to track and maintain materials, vendors and inventory. eWare uses RFID tags mounted on the products to identify asset level of the organization.

Key Modules

  • RadianteWare MM - eWare Materials Management Module.
  • RadianteWare P - eWare Purchase Module.
  • RadianteWare S - eWare Sales Module.
  • RadianteWare MIS - eWare Material Issue from store Module.
  • RadianteWare IGP - eWare Inward Gate Pass Module.
  • RadianteWare OGP - eWare Outward Gate Pass Module (Both Returnable and Non-Returnable).
  • RadianteWare RM - eWare Reports Module.
  • RadianteWare RTM - eWare RFID Tracking Module.